The Ape Watch Club: All Set to Begin an Endless Journey!

The workshop of the great Ape Age

Who We Are And Where We Going?

The Ape Watch Club (AWC) is a new NFT project that has been conceptualised and developed by an African based team. The project is planning to launch their first NFT collection on the Solana Blockchain Protocol in early November 2021. The AWC project is underpinned by a differentiated and unique storyline that has no end in sight. The storyline has been developed to allow it to continuously evolve for years and centuries to come which will be driven by the AWC community.

We have strategically positioned AWC as the ‘Watchmakers of Metaverse’ and will continue to build from this niche and differentiated communication platform. Our Club takes inspiration and insights from the deep rooted love for Apes and Luxury Watches which is prevalent within Crypto Culture. These consumer insights led all aspects of the development of our storyline and our NFT design direction. AWC NFT holders will benefit as the storyline continues to progress and as new events unfold.

The Endless Storyline of Ape Watch Club

Ape Watch Club’s storyline is constructed around the key themes of division of decentralized power, luxury brands and nobility. Only the fair and principled Apes were deemed qualified to possess the luxury watches in the AWC story line. Similarly the principled, luxury lovers, foresighted Apes will get their hands on the elite AWC NFT’s.

The Ape Watch Club Story starts with ‘Ape Sage’, a principled Watchmaker of the Metaverse who got his hands on a magical rock and divided it among the noble apes across the globe. The watches changed hands and are now up in our NFT’s.

How Ape Sage found the rock? Why he divided the stones? Who got the watches and what it do to them? What was the secret in the watches? Who is Ape Ryu? How Ape Ryu collected the hands and why is he in the process of finding the rightful owners.

All these and a lot more questions will be answered in our story that is ever evolving and has no end in mind.

Since AWC plans to transition to a DAO system, we believe our holders and community will decide upon the fate of the story and with each new event that unfolds. Think of our first NFT drop which has Watches on Ape Hands as the first piece of the puzzle. The next NFT drop could be one of many different things which is still to be determined — examples could be full view of the Apes being reunited with their hands, Ape Betty and her evil crew, Turtle workers of the AWC and so on!

And this is only the beginning of an endless story. We will soon be releasing a 3D Animation video to bring the storyline to life — head over to our Twitter page to check the Trailer that we have launched.

Our NFT Art Direction

The first NFT Art Collection (Gen 0) by AWC is a collection of Ape hands and luxury watches that all have the magical stone embedded within it. These NFT’s are a combination of 3D and 2D elements breaking down the conventional design cues. We are on a journey to redefine the meaning of luxury.

We have over 150 elements that make up the complete collection of 10,250 unique NFT’s. We have developed a rarity model to make some AWC NFT’s more rare compared to others.

Regardless of which AWC NFT you receive, you will still be in possession of the magical stone that has brought luck and fortunes to Apes of previous generations.

The AWC Vision & Mission

The ultimate vision of AWC is to build a brand of global recognition that can live on chain and off chain by working with the community of AWC NFT holders. The vision is to transition to a DAO model where the community dictates, guides and shapes the future of the AWC project.

Our mission is two folds, build value within the Metaverse and Real World utility. We aim to provide a clear roadmap for value addition to our NFT’s and transition it to the real world over time.

We have a few BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) that we will look to execute on and refine as we move along such as:

OUR BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)

  • Build a Global Brand & Community

We are aiming to build a luxury brand of global recognition to compete with the existing luxury brands. Key to achieving this is building an engaged community that will help shape the future roadmap activities.

  • Build a Blockchain Play To Earn Game

We are in the process of scoping out a blockchain-play-and-earn game providing a platform to the people where they can play and earn different rewards, invest in and spend in purchasing.

  • Develop a Blockbuster Movie

AWC’s objective is to develop a Blockbuster movie to bring to life our uniuqe and differentiated storyline.

Who Are the AWC Family?

The AWC core family (team) comprises of experts across the following functions:

  1. Brand Builders
  2. Creative Storytellers
  3. Marketing Veterans
  4. Blockchain Developer

The core family has experience in building and contributing to some of the World’s most loved brands. They are also well-versed in creative storytelling, art design and communication development.

We are all set to build a community that inspires each other, grows together, stays together.

Our team is all set for the long-haul and will add more members over time to help accomplish key milestones of our highly ambitious roadmap.

AWC Public Mint Details

We are planning to launch our Public Mint on the 11th November, 2021. Please follow us closely to not miss the golden opportunity of minting the first drop.

Official Ape Watch Club Links

Follow us on Twitter, and Discord to stay connected with the latest developments in the Ape Watch Club Metaverse.




Warning: The team will never DM anyone or request cryptocurrency from them. Moreover, the official smart contract will be made to the community through our official channels in the next few weeks.




We are the Luxury Watch Makers of the Metaverse. Join AWC on #solana to help Ape Ryu find the righteous owners of 10,250 Luxury NFT’s

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Ape Ken

Ape Ken

We are the Luxury Watch Makers of the Metaverse. Join AWC on #solana to help Ape Ryu find the righteous owners of 10,250 Luxury NFT’s

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